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Awakening to the Duality ~

In this lifetime, I happen to believe that the Outer is the direct mirror of the Inner. You definitely have heard before the terms  'Macro Cosmos and Micro Cosmos'  simply said the recognition of a larger portion in a small portion. 

As Above As Below - As within As without. These are all just other terms we can use to express the concept of mirroring. This is nothing new and we can see it even in the Bible with phrases like ‘God is in each one of us.’ or ‘God is present everywhere.’ 

Yes, of course, we subscribe to the terminology we fancy and what makes sense to our life path and stage of development. But, I want to say that the concepts of apparently different philosophies are in its core the very same. The difference comes in the way how each individual is presenting their concept to the world.

We Are as Aware as We Bear to Be ~

As humans, we are all individuals and we all have our own ways of understanding and reasoning. 

We've incarnated into a different background, culture and upbringing. 

Each one of us has a different state of consciousness and from there our choice of a specific belief system comes from. We simply believe and think in the way which suits us the best at the specific time in our life. 

Our own awakening is based on our willingness to accept the difference and challenge what we ' know '.

If we are open-minded with a true desire to expand beyond what we think we know, we might encounter a miracle called freedom. This freedom arises from truly recognising, that you have a choice – and you can choose thoughts, perspective, perception, opinion and belief on your own. Becoming your own person. 

Laws of The Universe ~

We need to take a step back from beliefs and mind frames we developed through our lifetime. Try to look at it as if it's laying on the table in front of you. 

How would you describe it? It's a neon fine line? A dirty box? Does it move? Or it's stiff heavy frame? If we understand the Law of Mirroring, our life will gain so much ease. Law of Mirroring simply shows in your external reality what is occurring in your internal reality. That’s it. It is a mirror.

The Universe is NOT a superior form of entity, who holds the key to our happiness. The Universe is not a punisher who is awaiting our pain and sacrifice. Also, the Law of Mirroring is not personal, it's not emotional and it's not here to pass judgments on us.

It is simply designed to help us to understand who we are and yes it's the same for the Universe and God. 

Universe/God is learning as we learn and Universe also expands with us. 

There never was nor will be any real separation. There is no gap between You and the Universe or You and God.

It is ONE always was and will be. The only separation is a perception of it. 

What I want you to get right now is YOU ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM THE UNIVERSE. ♥ Imagine an Octopus ~ every arm of the octopus can have a crisis, that they are separated from the head of an octopus and from each other. But in reality, each arm is connected with the rest of the octopus body. Only their perception of it makes is so they are not. This entire concept was said for a hundred times by now by many people who developed pass a certain point of awareness and realised their own false or lower perspectives. By lower, I don’t mean any degradation. It's simple more undeveloped frequency. Like the first stage of a flower before it starts to grow and bloom. Every stage of consciousness is valuable and exists within the Universe at large simultaneously, therefore has its place within us as well. 

Astrology as a Concept ~

To be straight forward Astrology is no exception to this rule. If we subscribe to this concept of  ‘One being a Mirror of the Other ‘ we can immediately see what Astrology is in its naked core. Beautiful, precise, mysterious wonderful mirror. Mirror of what we have embodied into in a moment of birth. Progression of those movements shows how we develop from within.

And major planetary transits bring us a deeper understanding of life events and can help us foreseen things for the future and many other wonderful things. I can tell you about when we'll meet : ) 

My Ethics  ~

My way of Astrological session can be deeply revealing, as the light

then the dark and I want you to know that

you will be entering safe, non-judgemental space with me, oriented to bring

clarity and relief on our meeting.

I do respect everyone's personal path and I will do my best to recognize

how much you can take in one session.

For this session to take its best development, I speak my truth about things I see and feel. Maybe not what is wanted by ego, rather what is needed for the highest benefit and good. I do require my client's conscious willingness to take what I say as an honest perspective, but full

responsibility for their own decisions based on the information they gained. 

Coming to me and asking me for reading, advice, support or help comes with taking responsibility for your free will to choose me and your following actions.


If you would like me to look at someone else Chart, I would like to have also their permission to do so.

If this is done completely against someone's will, I might not be able to see anything cause this might not benefit the soul and their free will.

I do not disclose Birth Charts I have stored from my practice. If I would want to use some of the Birth Chart in my practice/school or published demonstration, I'll ask for permission and create a phantom copy without personal details. I don't predict what will happen in the field of your physical health. So in a case of serious health issues or mental health issues, my Astrology can only be a metaphysical addition to your outgoing therapy or physical treatment. Which I need to be informed about upfront. 

Thank You for Reading, I hope this provided you with clarity :) 


Astrological Techniques Available

' You are not alone in this. The Universe sends people who can elevate you if you let them. '


Natal Chart Reading ☉

Natal Chart is a unique blueprint of the Ultimate Potential for your life. It contains much more than just ' who we are ' or ' what we supposed to do.' For me, it shows the Universal being, who came through to physical life to exercise its own desire ( as life is a choice ) via certain embodied energies and the way they are embodied any given time, expressed, manipulated and stretched causes us to grow with the entire Universe. 

We can find out where are we coming from, with what assets, gifts, talents and also what challenges we chose to go through that will cause us the more expansion. We can also see our upbringing, or love life, what we need in order to cultivate good and healthy relationships, our marriage, kids and soul’s aims for this life in physical and metaphysical ways. Some of the Astrologers also focuses on health, past and future lives or any other specific thing for them. The potential of Natal Chart techniques is limitless and how deep you dive in, is your choice to get to know yourself.

For me as an Astrologer, to see someones Natal chart is like having a Christmas Day every single time! It gives me happiness and I feel very privileged to be stargazing at your personal ‘ night sky ‘ x

                                        Synastry ♀

When someone hears the word Synastry, they immediately imagine a Romantic Horoscope. But Synastry is so much more than this. Of course, I can’t deny the amazing power of this technique to uncover the potentials and synergy between two lovers or partners, but I want to show you its unlimited potential, beyond your first opinion. Anything and Everything that was born, created, build or happened as the event has its own Natal Chart.

Anything that has the Natal Chart can be put into relationship with something else and their Natal Chart. Therefore combinations in this perspective are endless. Each pair of two of anything produces unique third energy, which when its fed ( focused upon ) becomes stronger and forms its own consciousness. The way how we feed this 'entity' ( how we behave, think, speak, act, believe and feel about ) will this entity respond and behave.

The pair can be with animal, object, place, or something without a physical form such as Spirit Guide, God, Universe, Love its self and much more. In this case, our mind and belief system ( perceptions ) will hold the ultimate key in how we will deal with any sort of relation. Synastry is complicated and multilayered as a human soul is. There are no basics we can acknowledge and throw on the other. We only can understand others as deep as we can understand our selves. The ultimate success is awareness of self. Relationships are

'Art of Relating' = to see the other in ourselves. To be able to see into them, feel into them and tune into them. Synastry best comes to play when we want to take an initiative to truly understand and get to know someone else in our life. Doesn’t matter if it is a colleague whom we see every day, a family member whom we think we know enough, but get mind blown after knowing their chart, a friend whom we wish to have a good friendship with or a loved one whom we wish to deeply embrace. It can only help us by giving us higher perspective about who we are with them, who they are, what is important to them, what’s their love language, their challenges, their soul and heart like. It triggers our skills of relating and we’ll become artists ourselves, getting better and better of loving everything and everyone around. Cause if you think about it – What is real life about, you will see that it is made from all sort of relationships since the day we were born till the day we will die. Therefore I dare to say, there is nothing more important than a healthy relationship to self and to others.

Synastry is a gift, who helped so many people heal their connections. I am no exception! I would be deeply honoured to be your chosen Astrologer for this technique.

Please note that Synastry can only be done as a follow up after a natal chart basic understanding, as I need to make sure that the first step you did, was towards yourself.


                                        Transits ~
                           The Astrological Triggers ♄

Transit is the most known and used technique in Astrology as it sets every other chart into motion. All transits are taken from the current positions of Planets in Signs and we explore in what houses they are playing out, what aspect they are forming to what planets and which extended fields in our lives are challenged or touched. 

We can explore their significance in relation to our Natal Chart, Progressed chart, Synastry or Solar Return!

Yay, it can be overwhelming just to think of this and that’s why we have to prioritize. In my practice so far, I always pay attention to what transits are happening to my natal positions, to my Sun Sign and Asc ( as Horoscopes are made ;) ) and then towards my Solar Return, as the transits are the outer engine to set the SR into manifestation. Transits from a fast-moving planet won’t affect our lives the same way as a slow-moving planet, who can be transiting one house more than ten years! They are very important to know about and especially learn to work with them. Their energy is building for years in apparent silence and if we do ignore their subtle calling, they will burst out in one sunny morning and they can have a heavy impact on our psyche. These are those moments when our life collapses and we suddenly feel like everything is lost, destroyed or hopeless. It is like to swim through the never-ending ocean with no light. But even in these moments, we can understand the life through Astrology, the lessons and meaning beyond the veil of events, so we can get out of the darkness once again.

Of course, Transits are not all so dramatic and we can receive so much light, love and blessings from the Universe in a moment of important positively manifesting transits! Like the proposal, pregnancy, career success, increase of income, strengthening our self-worth and self-love, finding a romantic relationship, buy a property, big investments and much more :)

So what is going on right now in your life? Let’s take a look and get ready for the magic ;)

                                      Solar Return

Solar Return is my favourite technique! ^^

Since the day I have found out what SR is, I knew that this is something to add to my practice. Watching my own Solar Return just blew my mind.

‘It is like one piece of a life long origami. Which can have its own life for one year.’

Solar Return is read similarly to Natal Chart, but a bit more tailored for 12 months, the way how planets are spread and in what signs they are, will even show us the timing of events and their activation. All has its own place and SR works like a clock on heaven's wall. Where the Sun falls in Solar Chart and all aspects to it, will show us the primary focus for this period of time. This comes very handily when we know what is Universe highlighting for us to work on and consciously put our efforts, to build and gain awareness about. Where are no planets this year there is only little action and we might not really spend to much time worrying about it. Where the planets fall in general, there is action and there is a manifestation. Transits to it will activate our SR like a magic stick. The best way how to understand your Solar Return for yourself is to be actually invested into your past. If you are one of those people with a great memory or a diary, you can track wonders about all the past years Solar Returns like crazy! And after doing so, not only you will feel a sense of coordination with Universe, but also it will give you great insight on how YOU manifesting the planetary energies and what to do differently if you want them to manifest in a better way. Not even mention, that you will be much more prepared for future years ahead with insight that can help you navigate your life. No more of crazy New Years plans and resolutions, what has no or little potency in the year ahead. No more saying that ‘ We Plan, but God changes.’ Cause now you can align yourself with your higher path and use your SR as a compass ;)

Let me help you with that and let’s explore your year ahead together. The best time to have a Solar return Reading is close to your Birthday. But there are no limitations in exploration and self-reflection.

In case it is your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You and Many Many Happy Returns ;)


' Every one of us has a doctor who takes care of our physical health from time to time or when we need it. 

Who, however, takes care of the spiritual part of our individuality? 

Who directs us to which direction to go or how to deal with personal issues?

Vivian helped me with the Astrology to get to know myself and work on things that needed something to improve. 

I understood why many things in my life were stagnant and on the other hand, why I'm going through changes in certain themes in my life.

In any case, it is necessary to understand what is happening to us and what will affect our lives in future.

I'm very thankful for it, I learned more about myself from the very best point of view ... from the perception of the Stars 🤩. '

Katarína • Slovakia

' Vivian and I had quite a funny encounter with a meeting. The first moment we bumped into each other - was like two massive waves of the ocean collide- they were destined to do so.
From the very first moment I knew we were meant to meet as our great journey continues to last ever since.
Vivi (that’s what I love to call her - my friend great Astrologer and Spiritual Adviser ) told me of her secrets and I told her mine. So much in common, we have - I feel connected all the time. I believe she is one of those few that thanks to her abilities continue to develop.
Great friend and inspirer she is! Never stop going ♥ '

Vilmantas • Lithuania

'It was a pleasure for me to meet a person like Vivian. It was not as if I meet someone ordinary. Her energy, aura, care and wisdom gave me so much. Opened my eyes so that I could see things clearly and with the eyes of an adult woman. Helps me see things from an alternative perspective and to actually live and feel something I did not know even existed. 

It is a thing I can not explain - something extraordinary and spiritual. I believe in faith and honestly feel it was a destiny that she crossed my path. 'I owe you and your activity a big THANKS. For being my supporter, teacher and a big inspiration.'

Vanda • Slovakia

' Vivian is a very knowledgeable and wonderful Astrologer. I had a reading from her and she explained to me about myself very well. You might think that you know about yourself but until somebody points out it, many things you don't realize.
She is also a good listener and it is easy to talk to. She made me at ease and comfortable. Vivian is really caring about others and has a beautiful soul. She is more than an Astrologer to me. '

Chiemi • Japan

'Until my path crossed with Vivian A.  I’ve never had an understanding (other than knowing my own star sign ) about an Astrology. When Vivian had looked into my Birth Chart, that’s when my desire to find out more, to dig deep had aroused. After my consultation, I’ve decided to have another a longer session with her, which was brilliant. Thought-provoking. I’ve found out so much about myself. End of the session, I felt extremely satisfied, positive, almost as if all the heavyweights was lifted off my shoulders. It made me want to go even deeper and explore more. (Which I’d definitely will ) I would definitely recommend her. She does her work with pride and cares about the people she meets. She’s just brilliant! '

Gamze • London

'Astrology session with Vivi is a fascinating example of her deep penetrating knowledge and extraordinary skill to blend symbolism together.
Vivi has an enormous passion for Astrology. Everything becomes alive through her. Planets, movements, retrogrades...simply everything. 
You would want to listen to her for hours! '

Andrea • Slovakia

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